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Our company is a company based around integrity, compassion, and fulfillment. Providing professional, ethical, and competent consultations to families, while protecting their best interest.

Hello, my name is Tara McCoy, I am the founder and owner of Beacon Quest Realty. Our slogan is “Helping you find your way home!” because our goal is to bring you and your new home together. Whether you are selling your current home and buying a new one, moving out of state, starting an investment, or buying your first home, we here at Beacon Quest want to help you throughout the process and make sure that you are well taken care of.

Here, we know that a home is more than just a domicile. A home is security, comfort, piece of mind, stability, and happiness. Homes reflect the people who fill them. They transform and accommodate with the passing of time and the changing of circumstances. Owning a home allows people to retreat from the stressors of public life and find personal fulfillment. Whether you’re raising a family, seeking your own space, working from home, or all of the above, we want to help you succeed in one of the most important undertakings of your life so that you can succeed in every other aspect of your life.

We take pride in our agents and the many years of experience they have with the real estate. Our agents have a passion for helping people and going above and beyond expectations for our clients. We work to bring you the tools, knowledge, and insights our agents have developed over their careers so that we can help you get the results you want.

The Core Values of Beacon Quest Realty are:

Compassion- Kindness, Respect; At Beacon Quest, we know that our clients come from many different social and financial backgrounds.  We will work and adjust to your situation. Our goal is for you to be happy and fulfilled with what your new home means to you.

Dedication- Determination, Resilience; We will be there throughout the entirety of the process pushing for your best interest. The real estate process is complicated and issues can arise at the last second. We are here for you until you are where you want to be.

Experience- Wisdom, Knowledge; Our agents have learned a lot from their years of experience and wish to share their knowledge with you and help solve all the complex challenges that come up during the process.

Integrity- Ethics, Morals; This process is about YOU. You share with us what you want and our agents work to your benefit. We only succeed when YOU succeed. All of our agents do things by the book and keep in mind all of the people involved in the process rather than focusing on themselves.

Communication- Negotiation, Socialness; There are many different people and professions involved in the real estate process, and we work with all of them and keep in contact with you so that everyone stays on the same page. When at an impasse, we negotiate with other parties to get you the best possible outcome.

Our Promise to You- We promise that we will work for you and for your benefit with utmost sincerity. We want to help you so that you are able to get the most out of the process and leave it with a profound sense of comfort and security, as well as a starting point for your next adventure!

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Tara McCoy

In today's competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor that can help you navigate the home buying and selling process. As a valued client, you'll receive:

• Expertise on neighborhoods and the local markets
• Innovative strategies to market and sell your home
• A proven negotiator who will be with you every step of the way
• A trusted and knowledgeable partner through closing and beyond